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There are happy instances when the subject's line of sight coincides with that of the photographer, transforming the “act of taking a photograph” into a magnetic field in which the feelings of both parties are synchronized perfectly.

Last year, the 18-year diary project of a flower designer who had dedicated her life to delivering flowers to others' precious somebodies, and a group of photographers, came to a sudden end with her departure for a higher place. And so we were left with “Regard intense- Le Vésuve Diary 2015.”

In here, one senses, lies an answer to the questions of why we take photographs, and why we are so taken with photography as a means of expression. Here the tension, sense of fulfilment, exhilaration exclusive to a particular setting, and most of all, the desire to share a special moment, are clearly what have prompted photographers to click the shutter.

I wish you were here

Ikuyo Takahashi's time living a special day every day with flowers has, in photographs, been elevated to something eternal.


Ikuyo Takahashi

Born 1955 in Shizuoka, in 1998 Ikuyo Takahashi opened the Le Vésuve florist in Tokyo's Minami-Aoyama district, the start of a career as an independent flower designer that saw her engaged in an enormous variety of work. Her down-to-earth personality and unconventional approach to floral design were a delight to many.Ikuyo Takahashi passed away suddenly in the autumn of 2014.


Regard Intense

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