68TH STREET - Yoshihiko Ueda

To coincide with the opening of Yoshihiko Ueda's photography exhibition “68th Street: Memories of Light” the photography book 68TH STREET is now available.

68th Street: Memories of Light captures on monochrome photographic paper the light that is photography’s destiny, and was Ueda’s challenge, as he followed—his motif a single sheet of white paper—light falling from the window of his room on New York’s 68th Street—waxing and waning, changing in form from moment to moment—and the shadows this created.
After shooting, these images of fathomless light and shadow were promptly entrusted in New York to art director and old acquaintance Fabien Baron, and assembled into this gem of a book on which the timeline of the shoot is etched in the track of the light. This is in fact the first collaboration between Ueda and Fabien Baron in 25 years, since the magazine Visionaire.

916 Press & United Vagabonds / 360 x 254 mm / 140 pages / 64 photos / published in April 2018
¥10,800(with Tax)

Stay - Charlotte Dumas

To coincide with the opening of Charlotte Dumas's photography exhibition “Stay” the photography book Stay is now available.

The culmination of a project to document Japan's native horse breeds, this book contains around 60 portraits of the eight remaining breeds around the country.
From Dosanko to Kiso, Noma, Tsushima, Misaki, Tokara, Miyako and Yonaguni, how have the native ponies surviving in Japan since the earliest times been involved with people in these places, and how have they added value to their lives?
For her latest endeavor, Charlotte Dumas journeyed to all eight locations to trace the history of these fascinating animals, and capture their everyday lives in intimate detail.

916 Press & AKAAKA / 277 x 225 mm / 120 pages / 59 photos / published in October 2016
¥3,564(with Tax)

M.Ganges - Yoshihiko Ueda

To coincide with the opening of Yoshihiko Ueda's photography exhibition “M.Ganges” the photography book M.Ganges is now available.

'Occasionally I began to sense myself not gazing at somebody in the photo, but seeing myself in the photo I'd taken. In my line of sight: my memories, or rather, in fact, memories from a distant past that for some reason did not seem to be my own. Spying an old dog I discern the sorrowful scent of death, and at the same time, that dog could almost be me; sometimes it feels like the landscape that looks dim and hazy as she totters along is no longer hers, that she may be seeing far distant memories. Perhaps one can see distant memories by sniffing the stench of death; the hazy light and shadow, color and form being all that remain, an unfathomable feeling of nostalgia suffuses my heart with stunning intensity, a sudden fit of weeping assailing me. Lamentation and delight and uncertain memories become light and color without contour, embracing me. The memories of dogs, of birds, of trees, of rivers, of mountains: my chest tightens with a wistful pang at the memories of each and every thing in this world. Photographs are memories of gazes, of faraway places, of people and times that have passed.'

──Yoshihiko Ueda

From forest to river, sea to people... “M.Ganges,” the last in Yoshihiko Ueda's M series tracing primeval memories, offers an irresistible smorgasbord of 61 carefully chosen images.

916 Press / 288 x 266 mm(with bookcase)/ 100 pages / 61 photos / published in April 2014
¥8,640(with Tax)

PORTRAIT - Kazumi Kurigami

To coincide with the opening of Kazumi Kurigami's photography exhibition “PORTRAIT,” the photography book PORTRAIT is now available.

Kurigami examines his subjects with an acute and penetrating eye, burning what he perceives through his senses onto the film. In concert with the powerful line of sight of the subjects he captures within his lens, his photographs have a liveliness that touches the heart of their viewers.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to experience the portraits of Kazumi Kurigami, not just a fragment of time separated from reality, but something that will remain alive and fresh forever.

916 Press & Akaaka / 277 x 225 mm / 98 pages / 46 photos / published in November 2013
¥3,564(with Tax)


1972~ - Kozo Miyoshi

To coincide with the opening of Kozo Miyoshi’s photography exhibition “1972~,” the photography book 1972~ is now available.

For Miyoshi, who continues to travel widely as if enticed by the images in his mind, chance encounters are an inevitability. Wherever he trains his lens, there seem to be subjects that linger with carefree expressions, as if having realized their own fate. So fine are his prints, which conjure a quiet monochrome world, that one can almost hear their presence and breathing.
The catalogue contains 69 pictures that offer fresh insights into the origins of Kozo Miyoshi.

916 Press & Akaaka / 277 x 225 mm / 136 pages / 69 photos / pubished in August 2013
¥3,564(with Tax)

1965~ - Daido Moriyama

To coincide with the opening of Daido Moriyama’s photography exhibition “1965~,” the photography book 1965~ is now available.

For Moriyama, the city was a single vast object of desire, and the world something that loomed erotically. This catalogue contains 106 pictures that trace the career of a photographer who sought in each moment his own desire and never ceased questioning in a radical manner “What is photography?”

916 Press & Akaaka / 277 x 225 mm / 128 pages / 106 photos / pubished in June 2013
¥3,564(with Tax)

M. River - Yoshihiko Ueda

To coincide with the opening of Yoshihiko Ueda’s photography exhibition “M. River,” the photography book M. River is now available.

Ueda’s search for ways to capture the origins of life as it springs from materia has gradually undergone transformation as he attempts to photograph the source of life. The photo-collection is a single volume containing the twenty gems photographed last year in early spring of the ancient headwaters deep in the mountains of Yakushima.

916 Press & Akaaka / 277 x 225 mm / 58 pages / 20 photos / pubished in March 2013
¥2,808(with Tax)

Y.Ernest Satow

To coincide with the opening of Y.Ernest Satow’s photography exhibition “Light and Shadow,” the photography book Y. Ernest Satow is now available.

This catalogue contains 66 pictures of his glittering New York era with its outpouring of hopes and dreams and passion for photography, which focus on approximately 20 years from circa 1955 when Satow was just embarking on his career in photography to circa 1976.

916 Press / 277 x 225 mm / 136 pages / 66 photos / publishd in January 2013
¥3,456(with Tax)

First Born - Taiji Arita

To coincide with the opening of Taiji Arita’s photography exhibition “First Born,” the photography book First Born is now available.

Photographer Taiji Arita's visionary masterpiece, First Born.
The photographs displayed here are reprints produced by photographer Yoshihiko Ueda, who studied under Taiji Arita, due to many of the originals being scattered and lost in the process of two or three house moves by Arita during his long sojourn in the United States.

Published by Akaaka / 277 x 225 mm / 168 pages / 75 photos / publishd in November 2012
¥3,564(with Tax)


Ralph Gibson

To coincide with the opening of Ralph Gibson’s photography exhibition “1960~,” the photography book Ralph Gibson is now available.

Ralph Gibson is a great pioneer of photography whose career spans more than 50 years.
This exhibition at Gallery 916 concentrates on work from Gibson's important early photobooks, The Somnambulist (1970), Déjà-Vu (1973), and Days at Sea (1975), which together make up what is usually referred to as Gibson's trilogy.
Just what was the "power of photography" that Gibson discovered in the 1960s and 70s?
It includes a copy of all 58 of his wonderful works exhibited in the gallery.

916 Press / 277 x 225 mm / 120 pages / 58 photos / publishd in July 2012
¥3,909(with Tax)

Materia - Yoshihiko Ueda

To coincide with the opening of Yoshihiko Ueda’s photography exhibition “Materia,” the photography book Materia published by Kyuryudo is now available.

The photographs are “new forest photographs” arising out of a dialogue with nature by Yoshihiko Ueda, who after the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 in northeastern Japan fulfilled a long-held desire to travel to Yakushima.
In 1991, Ueda unveiled the “QUINAULT” series, a masterpiece that brought people in touch with the primordial power of forests and continues to captivate collectors and curators the world over.
Now, in 2012, comes this completely new collection of forest photographs.

Kyuryudo / 301 x 397 mm / 72 pages / 31 photos / publishd in February 2012
¥5,940(with Tax)