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Photography is a most splendid trade.

And among the great herd of photographers are a few rugged individuals who journey to faraway, unknown towns, to forests that stretch all the way to the horizon, day in, day out, bagging images like trophies, inevitably with a smile on their face, and cigarette dangling from their lips.

Those who make things in the city have only information as their companion, so wither and die. One must be nature oneself, and those images hunted for food (that is, in order to eat) astounding discoveries amid everyday scenes, and as pure as the clearest spring water. A photographer who understands this will travel greater distances than anyone else.

Taro Mizutani is the nimble beast called photography. He smiles as the shutter clicks, each click sounding like the word “YES!”

And the photos he takes from day to day form a new kind of journal, a new world that is a new sort of picture scroll, a chronicle into which he weaves himself and others.

SHIGEO GOTO (Editor / Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design)


Taro Mizutani

Born 1975 in Tokyo.
Launched his own photographic practice after graduating from the Department of Photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University Faculty of Arts. Currently shoots mainly for fashion magazines, fashion label advertising, and artist portraits. Showed in the 2013 group exhibition “Ryuko Shashin.”

Affiliated with be Natural management


New Journal
Taro Mizutani

Date : 1 November, 2013 - 23 November, 2013
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